Coasting with Culture
Travel Log
2016 New Zealand and Australia Trip
November 1-24, 2016

Part 1: Wondering
through Auckland
Part 2: Walk to Mission Bay
Thanks to an incredible deal, this trip to New Zealand and Australia was made possible, and it begins in Auckland with
a walk through the city.
Another day in Auckland calls for another walk through town while heading down to Mission Bay.
Part 4: Rainbow's End
Part 3: Mount Eden
The first theme park of the trip is to the biggest in New Zealand, Rainbow's End, home to a variety of rides including
one of the most unique mouse style coasters.
Continuing the exploration of Auckland with hike to the top of the volcanic cap known as Mount Eden.
Part 5: Arrival in Sydney
Part 6: Ms. Macquarie's Point
After some time in New Zealand, it's on to Australia, starting with Sydney and a visit to the Opera House, a ride on the ferry to Manly, and a trip over to the site of the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Before going to the next theme park of the trip, a visit along a popular park along the Sydney Harbour area with stunning views of the Bridge and Opera House.
Part 8: Sydney Harbor
Bridge & Rocks Tour
Part 7: Luna Park
After Luna Park, a stroll across the Sydney Harbour Bridge offers some fantastic harbour views, and a tour of the part of town called The Rocks gives insight into the past of Sydney.
The first amusement park of Australia for the trip, this classic park features
one of the last remaining wooden wild mouse coasters, and an old style fun house.
Part 9: Bondi Beach
& Darling Harbour
Part 10: Walk Through Cairns
The last day in Sydney includes a visit
to one of the most famous beaches of Australia, and an evening to the nearby Darling Harbour.
The next stop of the trip is to the North in Queensland visiting Cairns, taking some time to walk though town.
Part 12: Warner Bros.
Movie World
Part 11: Great Barrier
Reef & Green Island
After arriving to the Brisbane area, then heading south the theme park mecca of Australia, the Gold Coast, a visit to Warner Bros. Movie World for some of the biggest coasters in the nation.
One of many people's bucket list items includes a visit to see Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and that would be part of this trip by way of Green Island, off of the coast of Cairns.
Part 13: Australia Zoo
Part 14: Aussie World
The opportunity to see some of Australia's wildlife at the zoo created by famous wildlife expert, Steve Irwin.
A smaller park located North of Brisbane, Aussie World would provide one of the biggest disappointments of the trip because of the closure of a classic.
Part 16: Alice Springs
Part 15: Sea World
& Wet'n'Wild
As Phillip heads home, Gary continues on to the middle of the Australian continent to Alice Springs, going for a hike up ANZAC Hill and into the Telegraph Station Reserve.
The wetter side of the Australian Theme Parks comes with visits to Sea World, the marine animal park, and to Wet'n'Wild, one of Australia's largest water parks.
Part 17: Kings Park
& Indian Ocean
Part 18 - Fremantle
With a few days in Perth, one is spent visiting the city, starting with a morning visit to Kings Park for excellent views
of the Swan River.
The middle of the day visit to Fremantle included seeing some historic structures, including a tour through
one of Australia's oldest and most infamous prisons.
Part 20: Adventure World
Part 19: Perth CBD
& Elizabeth Quay
Before cathing a red-eye flight, A visit is made to Western Australia's largest water and amusement park, featuring
a large selection of water attractions
and other additional rides.
The exploring of Perth is wrapped up with a walk though the heart of the Central Business District and along the Swan River in Elizabeth Quay.
Part 21: Walking
through Melbourne
Part 22: Luna Park
Melbourne & St. Kilda
After the late night flight, it's time to take a walk through the city of Melbourne with a local friend to get a
lay of the land.
The final amusement park of the trip
and a visit the next morning to see the St. Kilda Penguin Reserve.
Part 24: Back to Auckland
Part 23: Victoria Parliament
As the time comes to get ready for the return home, it comes with a return
back to Auckland, and the town is getting ready for the Christmas season as the holdiday is approaching.
A tour through Parliament for the State of Victoria grants an opportunity to find the similarities and differences with local governments from back home.