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2018 Mexico Trip - Part 11: La Feria Chapultepec Magico
2018 Mexico Trip - Part 9: Back to Mexico

The Mexico trip continues to one of the main amusement parks of Mexico City, for enjoying some great coasters including one of the only moibus style wooden coasters in the world.

For the rest of the trip in Mexico, it's time to go back to Mexico City, and after arriving to the last hotel of the trip, there would be food, exploration and another Mexican coaster!
2018 Mexico Trip - Part 10: Día de los Muertos Parade

To begin the festivities of Día de los Muertos for this visit to Mexico, Gary heads to Plaza Reforma in Mexico City to see the Día de los Muertos parade.
Park Profiles: Parque Diversiones

This Costa Rican amusement park was built to support a good cause, it features an area that takes you back in time and a roller coaster that was in a famous movie. Find out about this and more on Park Profiles: Parque Diversiones