Coasting with Culture's 2017 Utah, Idaho and Wyoming Tour
May 26-30, 2017

 Welcome to Coasting with Culture's Trip Report from our first official group tour! Here we had the opportunity to visit  some incredibly scenic locations as we drove through several mountain ranges and forests. We we able to visit historic sites  such as the Golden Spike National Historic Site and the Beehive House. We also rode some of the best mountain coasters in  the country, and visited one of the nicest regional amusement parks in Lagoon. 
 So let’s take a look back at the Coasting with Culture's first group tour. Choose any of the updates below if you wish to skip  to a specific section,  or click the button on the side to go to the beginning​.
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Part 1: Arrival

Part 1 - Arrival Day
 Here the crew arrive to Salt Lake City, and begin the tour with a fun mountain coaster at Park City, as well as a shameless credit in the town of Lehi
Part 2 - Golden Spike National Historic Site
 The group takes a journey into the past to visit the site where the railroads of East and West met and take in a reenactment of the ceremony for the driving
of the last spike.
Part 3 - Driving Trail & Brigham City
 The group continues to explore the Golden Spike National Historic Site park with an auto trail and walking tour. They then head into the town of Brigham City.
Part 4 - Temple Square
Upon returning to Salt Lake City, the group makes a visit to Temple Square, the center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They also would visit the historic home of Brigham Young.
Part 5 - Yellowstone Bear World
 ​The group heads North to Idaho, making a visit to Yellowstone Bear World, getting to see and interact with different animals, and obtain another shameless coaster credit.
Part 6 - Snow King Mountain
 The group goes to enjoy some fantastic views courtesy of the Grand Tetons, while making their way to Jackson for another Alpine Coaster.
Part 7 - The Great Salt Lake
 The group makes an uplanned detour to visit the Great Salt Lake State Park, enjoying the sights from this incredible body of water.
Part 8 - Lagoon Amusement Park
 The official tour's last stop is to Utah's largest amusement park, Lagoon. Home to some very unique coasters, and wonderful tree-lined midways.
Part 9 - Smith's Ballpark
 As everyone had made their way back home, Gary has some time before his flight home, so he goes to take in a Triple-A Minor Leauge Baseball game between the Tacoma Rainiers and the Salt Lake Bees