Coasting with Culture
Travel Log
California Winter Visit
January 13-22, 2018

Part 1 - Journey on
the Coast Starlight
Part 2 - Six Flags
Magic Mountain
Rather than fly or drive to Southern California, this trip begins with a ride
on one of the main west coast train
lines of Amtrak, offering some fantastic views on it's path.

​The lone major theme park visited on this trip was a good one, visiting one of the premier theme parks for roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Part 4 - Tijuana
Part 3 - Venice Beach
Taking a friend for their first visit South of the Boarder to Tijuana, and visiting the origin of the Caesar Salad along
with visiting a smaller Mexican amusement park.

Some places are fun to visit just for the sake of taking in the atmosphere, and Vince Beach is one of the more unique places to do so in SoCal.

Part 5 - Fiesta Village
& Adventure City
Before returning home, there were two smaller parks to visit, one of which features a coaster that may give some riders a surprise as to how much fun it really is. 

Alberta Weekend 2015
October 9-12, 2015
Join Gary up North as he goes for a short visit to Calgary and  Edmonton in Alberta, experiencing the Calgary Tower, the site of the  1988 Winter Olympics, and the  birthplace of the Mounties. We'll also  take a look at Galaxyland inside of the West Edmonton Mall, and  Calgary's Calaway Park. 
Part 3: West Edmonton Mall
Part 1: Arrival in Calgary
Part 2: Hockey Night at the Saddledome
Part 4: Canada Olympic Park
Part 7: Fort Calgary
Part 5: Banff and
the Canadian Rockies
Part 6: Calaway Park