Coasting with Culture
Travel Log
Montana Weekend 2015
​March 27-31, 2015

Part 1: Journey to
West Yellowstone
Part 2: The Drive to Big Sky
The journey to West Yellowstone involves a flight to Bozeman which features one of the nicest local airports, and the drive would feature a close encounter with local wildlife.

Heading to Big Sky Resort for skiing would include a fantastic drive
enjoying the scenery of the Montana Landscape.

Part 4: Grizzly and
Wolf Discovery Center
Part 3: Big Sky Ski Resort
Near the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park is an educational center that offers visitors the ability to get upclose with some of the predators of the park.

Time to hit the slopes of one of the largest ski resorts in North America.

Part 5: Yellowstone
National Park
To wrap up the visit to Montana, the bachelor crew go for a hike through Yellowstone National park to enjoy the natural beauty.