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Travel Plans

There is a strong desire to see as much of the world as possible, and that is part of what Coasting with Culture is all about. Here on the Coasting with Culture Travel Plans page, you can learn more about some of the proposed travel plans for future Coasting with Culture trips. While not all of the future travel plans will be listed as some will be with private groups or friends, all of the trips that are listed on this page are also open for others to join in!

By clicking on the trip link, you'll learn more about the proposed destinations and experiences had, and what phase of the planning process it is in. Please note that not all trips listed are guaranteed as some may simply be ideas in the works. The price range listed is also subject to change based on several factors including normal price fluctuations that are common in the travel industry.

For a sample of what some of this trips would be like, check out the CwC trip reports for destinations such as Australia , Utah , or South Africa . If any of these trips sound like something you would be interested in being a part of, feel free to send an email to  [email protected]  for more information.

The "Stage of Planning" Guide

You can call this a "theoretical" trip idea, as it is not a solid plan, but being stongly considered. The dates, itinerary and pricing could see some major changes before going into the next phase if they are to happen. If a trip in this stage would interest you, please send an email, as the more interest it gets, the more likely it would be pushed into the next phase.

These trips are pretty well set to happen, and would only see some minor changes based upon adjustments to the itinerary based upon circumstances of the time for this trip such as operating hours, special events and other circumstances. The prices listed here are typically going to be the best as this will be right before booking, when deals are still being looked for to help bring down costs, and adding more participants can help lower the cost from potential discounts or additional people to share the costs. If a trip in this stage interests you, this would be the best time to join as this will be the most likely time to get the best pricing for the trip.

This trip is set to go, and we are currently in the booking process with hotels and transportation, as well as purchasing attraction tickets. Those who had contacted CwC during the previous stages about joining trips in this stage would have already made a deposit and payment arrangements to secure their spot at the quoted price. Anyone who is interested can still join when the trip is in this stage, and there is a good chance you will still get in on the quoted price as you would be booked at the same time as others. 

This trip is 100% going to happen, and the plans are pretty well set in stone (save for some last minute adjustments due to operational changes, weather conditions, etc...). If you are interested in joining trips in this stage, we certainly welcome others to join, but please be aware that the cost will likely be higher than the original quotes due to later booking, which may require additional costs for changes or normal price fluctuations ​ that occur with the travel industry when making reservations clsoer to the day of travel

If you have any questions about any trip of the "Stages of Planning", please email  [email protected]

May 24-29, 2018: Bay Area Trip

 Join Coasting with Culture as we visit Northern California in the Bay Area with an opportunity to visit popular theme parks like California's Great America and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We will also visit the Walt Disney Family Museum and Alcatraz with some additional time to explore San Francisco!
 Starting/Ending Point: San Francisco, California, USA

 Price Range: ​$1,200-$1,700

 Planning Stage: ​Booked

November, 21-26, 2018: Hong Kong Trip

​​ ​​
 Join Coasting with Culture as we head to where East meets West, in Hong Kong. In this tour, we'll visit many cultural locations including Ngong Ping Village, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monestary and Temple Street Night Market. We'll also get a chance to visit Hong Kong's premire theme parks, Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland!
 Starting/Ending Point: Hong Kong

 Price Range: ​$1,000-$1,500

 Stage of Planning:​ Planning