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Part 10, Walk Through Cairns

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Part 11: Great Barrier Reef & Green Island  

11/9/2016 - After a few days in Sydney, it was time for Phillip and I to take our first domestic Australian flight, as well as our first flight on Qantas Airlines. From Sydney, it was a shor couple hour flight up to Cairns. We had a bit of an interesting landing as the plane did a sort of piledriver into the runway, making for one of the hardest landings I have experienced, but we at least made it safely. It was interesting to see the mountains and rainforests around the airported as we landed, thus showing that we were in a more tropical area.

  For our time here, we stayed at the Cairns Plaza Hotel, which was close to the main part of town, and our room offered a view of the bay and mountains in the distance.

After arriving at the hotel, we took a stroll to the store for some food and drinks, and along the way, there was a very distinct noise comming from the trees. Upon further investigation, we found out that there were tons of bats in the trees! I have never seen so many wild bats before.

After getting back to the hotel, we took a stroll along the water towards the Promenade of Cairns, which included a boardwalk and bicycle path alongside it.

Along the way, there were monuments to the soldiers who have served the armed forces of Australia.

There was also a monument for when the olympic torch came through Cairns on it's way down the coast to Melbourne for the 1956 Olympic Games.

Continuing along the way, there are some great views of the mountains and coastline of the bay that Cairns sits upon.

During our walk, we also saw a flock of pelicans that were hanging out on the shore.

One of the more popular parts of the central area of Cairns is the Promenade.

The Promenade features a large public pool that is open for use by anyone and is free of charge. Phillip and I took a swim earlier in the day and enjoyed it quite a bit as the water was great in the warmer climate of Northern Queensland. The pool also had some areas with sand for
visitors to lay out and enjoy the sun when it's out.

There are also several shops nearby with many of the same kinds of things you may find at other gift shops. Here in Australia though, you could also get a hat like Crocodile Dundee's, or a Kangaroo Sack Bottle Opener. According to the's real.

With that, let's end this update by sitting back and enjoying the view!

Up next, we'll go to one of the most anticipated parts of this trip. A boat ride out to Green Island to visit the Great Barrier Reef!

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