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Part 14, Aussie World

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11/12/2016 - Just a short drive away from the Australia Zoo and off one of Queensland's main motorways is Aussie World. Aussie World is a small amusement park located in a complex that includes restaurants and small shops. 


  What I had been looking forward to the most at this park was the Wild Mouse, as it was the same type of coaster as the Wild Mouse at Luna Park in Sydney. After having ridden the Luna Park Wild Mouse, I had an even greater desire to experience this coaster as it was incredibly fun, but unfortunately as we arrived to Aussie World, we found a coaster that was closed and not operating, and the bad news was that it was actually in the process of being removed from the park. From my understanding, it will be replaced by a modern steel spinning wild mouse coaster. Such a shame as I really enjoyed this type of coaster, but alas, it is what it is.

While it was disappointing that this coaster was closed, there were other rides for us to check out, such as Plunge, the parks log flume. The layout was fairly basic, but the splash was effective in providing a nice cool off without getting drenched.

There was also Bug Out, the park's one coaster that was operating while we were visiting. A Wacky Worm type of coaster, this was probably one of the better "themed" Wacky Worms as it had a lot of plants and bushes around it as opposed to just being out in the open.

Another ride they had was Dark Rebel, and indoor Himalaya style ride. The neon and laser lights that ran while the main lights were off during the ride, along with the music that played reminded me a lot of going to the local skating rink when they would turn out the main lights and switch to the laser and spot lights.

There were a few other rides there that we didn't ride such as their disk'o, wave swinger or tilt-a-whirl style rides. We did, however, take a
slide on the Giant Slide which offered some decent views of the park. I also had a chance to experience a bit of a surprise attraction that would be my favorite at the park called the Illusionarium. The best way I can describe it is that it's a more advanced fun house where you use 3-D glasses to make the visual tricks more effective, and there is an interactive aspect to getting through it. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures inside, but I will say that if you find yourself in Aussie World, it is worth taking a little time to wonder through (not to mention that it's air conditioned as well).

With that, we end our look at Aussie World. Up next, we head to the next theme park of the trip, as well as one of the premier water parks of Australia.

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