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Part 20, Adventure World

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11/18/2016 - The last day of my visit to Perth would include a visit to the area's lagest theme park, Adventure World, located in Briba Lake. Adventure World was essentially a water park with a bunch of rides surrounding the different water park attractions. Some of the rides open on a delay from the park gates opening, but most of the major attractions and the water park rides are open with the park gates.

One of the best aspects of this park I found was the way they provide a lot of areas of shade. If there is one thing that I think a lot of American Water Parks suffer from, it's having a lot of concrete with little to no shade, causing a lot of burning to the feet. Adventure World does have some concrete paths, however they do also have a lot of ope green space and shady structures and trees to make for a more comfortable setting when not enjoying one of the many attractions in the park.

In terms of roller coasters, the main attraction here is Abyss. A custom Gerstlauer Euro Fighter that is among the tallest attractions in the
park. The ​ride has a surprise in the building for the begining of the ride, and a few moments of airtime.

The ride does also feature some theming to add to the ride. The druids appear all over the place around the coaster, and the building also features some decor that fits with it as well.​

Also in the thrill ride department is a Zamperla Power Surge as well as a bizzare Huss Launch Tower ride. It would send you upward for two different launches as opposed to the typical launch tower.

The is also a children's area which features a dragon theme where all of the rides are based upon dragons.​​

This also includes the other coaster in the park and another shameless credit, Dragon Express.

The main reason for most to come to Adventure Land from what I could see was the water park, which featured several water play structures and waterslides on the hillside. ​

The biggest waterslide, and most popular ride in the park is Kraken.

One of the coolest aspects of this slide is the themeing they have, which had tenticles of the kraken all over the place. They also took an old swinging ship ride and reused it for a ship being overtaken by the beast!​

The slide itself is an extended tornado slide that had a fun layout that takes advantage of the hillside, and has the tornado portion of theslide in the middle and then more distance to it afterward, making it one of the longest Tornado slides I have ever ridden.

I have to say, I was surprised by the park as it had some great rides and slides, and would gladly make a return visit next time I am in Perth!

And this brings an end to our look at Perth. Up next is the last stop in Australia, and that is Melbourne!
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